Best Real Estate Investment Markets

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Nevada is home to a great real estate demand. While many people only recognize Las Vegas, Nevada has so much more to offer when it comes to Real Estate. There are other prolific urban areas which give ground to new opportunities for investors.

Top 5 Real Estate Investment Markets: Nevada


Las Vegas

Yahoo Finance cites Las Vegas as the top travel and lodging city within the United States in 2018. With the pattern continuing for the entire 2019, Nevada is now one of the top real estate marketplaces. This makes way for endless investment opportunities.

With just about seventy five percent of Nevada’s population, Las Vegas is the biggest market in the state. However, the smaller markets should not be overlooked. In fact, there are various different urban areas to watch out for. These include Paradise, Reno, Henderson, and Carson City. In this article, we’re going to give you a bird’s-eye perspective on just how promising these other four areas are for Real Estate investments.


The name of this lesser-known Nevadan city is not really inconspicuous, nor is the growth it’s accomplished within the last year. With a 12.6% expansion in average home estimation last year and an anticipated 7.9% expansion this year, Paradise may end up being something of a paradise for speculators.

While it’s difficult to foresee what the future will bring, Paradise is speculated to be a strong market for investors this year. It is located as a neighboring unincorporated city next to Las Vegas. In fact, the city houses McCarran International Airport, University of Nevada, and much of the attractions on the strip.


While this mountainside city’s real estate has been encountering somewhat of a downturn lately, the average home estimation has increased 8.5% within this past year and is anticipated to go up another 6.2% this year. There is a huge demand for properties in this city, which has prompted a developing number of new development grant applications – 38% more than the United States average.

Coupled with the increased new real estate ventures, interest for lodging in Reno is exceeding the accessible supply. There’s essentially more demand for houses than real houses available to be purchased. This means that homes do not remain on the market for long.


Henderson is another city near Las Vegas that has been seeing more demand within the past few years. It’s the second-biggest city in the state and is situated as part of the Las Vegas metropolitan zone.

Henderson has a steady economy and offers loads of entertainment and culture to its inhabitants, making this a dynamic city to live in. Its close proximity to Las Vegas is additionally an alluring component of the city.

Contrasted with Las Vegas, Henderson is more accommodating for families, giving occupants great schools and a low crime rate. It’s an especially enticing spot to live for individuals who desire to be close to the city, yet still want a break from the lights and energy Las Vegas brings.

In 2018, the average value of homes in Henderson expanded 9.2%. That pattern was also seen in 2019 with an extra growth of 6.3%.

Carson City

Carson City, the capital of Nevada, is one of the best markets to invest in. In 2018, the city encountered a stunning 16.7% expansion in average home value, with an extra growth rate of 9.9% in 2019.

Carson City is home to a strong workforce. Although the majority of the population is upper working class, there are an increasing amount of wealthy individuals in the city as well. The steady economy and consistent development of this city makes this an incredible spot to consider investing in.

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